Monday, 10 March 2014

Titans Remain - Cronos Titan

Cronos Titan have a formula: make a great sounding, solid, deeply thumping, darkwave/EBM track, filled with energetic riffing guitar and elegant keyboards (along with the occasional beefy clang), and then play a series of religious themed soundbites over the top of it. It's a perfectly viable schtick, which they do with great style and aplomb, and it will go down brilliantly on a club whenever individual tracks (like "Inside The Giant Iron Cross" or "In Times Of Passion") get played. It's joyfully dark and brooding, it's perfectly 'on message' for the scene, and it's utterly danceable.

However as in album form, like their Titans Remain! release, it doesn't hold up that well as you are left wanting a bit of diversity and some new dynamics thrown in to shake things up. "I Am A Machine (Parts I-III)" shows promise by having a bit more of a sci-fi feel to it (and at 16:19 long is a great workout or driving track) but beyond that it's all a little samey and quickly all becomes a bit background. If you like it you'll love it, but if you don't you'll cherry pick out a few tracks (I'd be surprised if you can't find one you like) and discard the rest so it's a case of hit up their BandCamp and make your choices.
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