Saturday, 25 July 2015

War On The Dancefloor - 25/07/2015

About 3 people got this and
lightly smiled. Totally worth it!
Given the recent flooding massive thanks have to be given to Roger and the team for have done an excellent job of drying the Q Club out and putting in the new sound system. Rumors that wellingtons and inflatable armbands were now the "must wear" thing for all the cool kids were clearly false. everyone knows that all the really cool kids are wearing silver spray paint on their faces this year as anything else is mediocre.

On the technical front it was the first time playing out with a projector running off of my DJ laptop. Technically it worked really well but because of not wanting/being allowed to blind the audience it was projected on the ceiling  and got all stretched out and avant-garde for anyone who wasn't in the booth.

The next War is in about three months time, keep an eye on the Facebook for more details and turn up for awesome industrial clubbing fun.
My next DJ outing will be the Cambridge Meet and Geek in September, turn up for a day of geek based activities and me doing a Psychocandyish set.

11:30 - 12:45

Danceslut - Nano Infect
Emergent disfigurement - venal flesh
Medicine - Empusa
Not entertained - Tactical sekt
Beatendwn - DYM
Bad girl  - LSD project
Product - XMH
Hope - Strictures
Mindphaser - Electro synth rebellion
Lovely day - front 242
Ssssnakepit (Hamilton Mix)- Enter Shikari
Voodoo Peoples - Pendulum
Ace Of Spades - The Chaos Engine
Never Wanted To Dance - Mindless Self Indulgence
White Knuckle Head Fuck - Caustic

The main booth discussions were: Thomas The Tank Engine, MP3 DJing software, the breeding habits of cables and wiring, why Raggedyman isn't allowed to play with the smoke!, how people who turn up to an industrial night and demand we play Prince really can fucking do one, Pimms o'clock, the delicate balance between thumping bass and noise pollution law.