Saturday, 15 September 2012

Kids these days...

Had a very weird experience at the cash-point last night. I'm waiting in the line when on of the guys in front of me turns around and gives me 'a look'. He's about six foot something, maybe 20 years old, clearly drunk, and points at me then at himself. I brace for impact and ask him 'what?' in a nice, calm tone as he's just still looking.

He points at me again, "Skrillex" he says and I realise his pointing at my t-shirt. He points at his own t-shirt and says "Led Zeppelin". "Best band ever, way better than anything he's ever done" he says, and then walks off with a smug look of aggression on his face.

And I'm just standing there, happy that nothing kicked off and trying to understand what happened. I'm wearing the t-shirt of, arguably, the biggest name in music of his generation and he's spouting the virtues of a band that were, arguably, the biggest name in music of my dads generation. Kids these days, they just don't know they weren't born then.