Monday, 17 March 2014

False Face - God Module

An evolution in musical style and approach is normally an essential thing for any band that wants to keep things going and not rest on their laurels, so  False Face, the latest album from God Module is a logical progression of the band. It has all the basic elements that have become the hallmarks of their sound: solid beats, spooky soundbites and a bunch of horror themed happenings, but developed into a more listener friendly sound which shows off the bands pop leanings and a more easy paced, delicate sound to it.

Opener "A Good Night To Die" is classic Seance era sillyness, but the rest of the album soon calms down with tracks like "Through the Noise" and "Faith Is Fragile" going so far as having a old school EBM feel to them (with some VNV Nation touches at times). It's not as immediately evocative, and definitely not as mental, as their previous offerings so I can't say I'm going to ever love it as much as their last album but it gives scope for future albums to see further evolution, which is far better than them getting stuck into the rut they could easily and quite comfortably have made for themselves. It should certainly get them more plays in the clubs and radio stations, so whilst they may lose some listeners I think it will gain them far more in return.
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