Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Heart Puke - Flesh Eating Foundation

"We need to get bigger guitars. BIG FUCKING GUITARS". I like to think that was the masterplan behind Flesh Eating Foundation's latest collection of post-punk aural abuse and post-industrial suburban horror. Whilst previous albums Purging and Seethe were hardly shying away from six-string the riffs are really cracking out on this one, resulting in an attack filled album that shows what early Ministry or Nine Inch Nails would have sounded like if they had lived in Stafford and had day jobs. Fear not though: the loops, synth, and twitching danced-up drum beats are still there, it's just that the guitar is more at the front than before and give the substantial part of the sound with the other elements being used as lead and counterpoint rather than rhythm.

Stand out tracks include the potential floor filler "Time Is Running Out", the utterly manic horse-meat scandal inspired "Equinicide", the sing-along call to arms of "Who's Rules", and the IDM mess-up that is "Dog Rough". All of it is gloriously fuzzy, sounding like it was recorded in the finest bomb-shelter in the land. Just be warned that this album doesn't have the clean dance grooves of EBM, nor the guitar overlordship of rock. It's a horrible, messy, slamming together of things that make a lot of angry noise, and it's all the better for it.

So if you are having a pissed off day and want to hear the world burn, or just want something industrial that doesn't go on about relationships, clubbing or sci-fi, then give this a shot once it's released in the new year. And if you want some festive fun before then then go to their SoundCloud page for Boris Karloff reading Hans Christian Andersen. Because "Christmas".

This album is confirmed 100% David Bowie free.
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