Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Climax - Beastmilk

If you like your doom & gloom to be bastard sexy and filled with big, black grove then the debut album from Beastmilk is for you. 'Climax' is 10 tracks of leather-clad rock-out tunes that swagger into town looking for either the apocalypse or your daughters.

Wild and wavy guitars, booming bass-lines, and a drum kit having the living hell kicked into it whilst introspective lyrics being howled out are the order of the day here. Opening track (and well deserving single) "Death Reflects Us" & "Genocidal Rush" give have a thick menace and jubilant, near sing-along, quality to them, whilst "Love In A Cold World" & "Strange Attractors" get a bit slower and more gritty. All in all it's a solid slab of Death Rock that has just the right level of power and passion to it: heavy on the dark ambiance but not forgetting to rock out along with it. Given the genre it's always tempting to compare it (quite favorably) back to 80's acts like The Sisters of Mercy or Christian Death, but this also has a much more contemporary hard rock feel to it and a bigness to its sound that could almost be U2 on the best worst day of their career.

So if you are either looking for some rock with a bit more edge to it but that doesn't get all heavy metal, or something new and gothic but without the synths, or just something that sounds great when cracked up loud on your stereo then  give these guys, and this album, a shot.

David Bowie has not been reported as being on this album.
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