Wednesday, 2 October 2013

With Free Ice Cream!!

What can possibly be better than having a track by The Butthole Surfers (one of the greatest bands in the world, ever) covered by The Melvins (also one of the greatest bands in the world, ever)? Having free ice cream at the same time!

The Melvins cover Butthole Surfers

The track comes courtesy of this years Onion AV covers series:You may not have heard of every band that they have playing (its very American-alternative-centric) but you will have heard of many and almost certainly like at least one track from each season so please give it a try. (Hint: its worth looking through for the GWAR Kansas cover alone.)

Personally I'm most interested to see who they are going to have do "Low Self Opinion" by the Rollins band, but as that could be a couple of weeks away so here's a link to The Original.
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