Saturday, 5 October 2013

So I just discovered this little gem.

And then my head exploded, like this

because not only is the idea of Tori "touchy-feely warble-warble ethereal-pixie" Amos covering the brutality loving Slayer's best tune about hell-bound impalement (it says something about a band when they have more than one entry in that pigeon-hole) just not something that I can take on-board in one go but also because it's actually quite good*.

It's dark and foreboding, like the original, and it does something that makes it a new song without disrespecting the original. In my eyes that is always the mark of a great cover and, whilst the minimalist approach to the music means it will never go beyond being a curiosity-track, there is a majesty and audacity to it that has to be respected. It could have been (should have been?) terrible, so the fact it isn't instantly bumps it up in my view. Plus I finally have a Slayer track to play to my God-Daughter when she's going to sleep so the world is a better place for it.

Dear Slayer fans, please put down the knives. The original is still the best.
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