Saturday, 23 January 2016

War On The Dancefloor - 22.01.16

Frighteningly accurate enactment
My first DJing of the 2016 and it's the stompy grounds of War On The Dancefloor at The Q Club. Laying down the sets before me were Darren (who needs to be more confident and move himself up the listing) and Chris, and then Hallam kept them going till the end. For a Friday before the post Christmas payday it wasn't that bad a turn out, and they have started stocking McEwans Champion at the bar so it all got a bit tired and emotional near the end....

11:30 to 12:45

Police State - Birmingham 6
Land of Rape and Honey - Ministry
Bomb the Clubs - Caustic
Scumbags and Spent Slags (Be My Enemy mix) - Flesh Eating Foundation
Airstrike - Seething Akira
Run You - The Quemists
Hallo Spaceboy - David Bowie
I'm Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails mix) - David Bowie
Ace of Spades - The Chaos Engine
Survivalism - Nine Inch Nails
Beast - Rabbit Junk
Skinny Little Bitch - Anglespit
   {Brief Technical Pause}
Torn Apart - Stabbing Westward & Wink
Hammer of the Gods  - Fadderhead
Everything is War - Combichrist
Revolution Action - Atari Teenage Riot
Ghost Rider - Suicide

The Brief Technical Pause was due to DJuced 18 crashing when I tried to move a song from another playlist into the one I was using. Bug report filled and hopefully it'll be fixed in the next update, but I'll be looking into an alternative program if it's going to start playing silly buggers like that. Thankfully the floor waited for me to get things back on the go and they keep moving 'til the end.
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