Friday, 30 January 2015

War On The Dancefloor - 23/01/2015

Another great night of industrial and associated musics, all played at The Q Club Cambridge. The next one should be in the later half of April, keep an eye out at on the Facebook page for exact dates and then come along to enjoy it all. It's a small night but with a growing following, and whilst it might not have the art noise idiocy that was Noise Bastard it's certainly got the tunes (and two of it's DJs, but being sensible for once).

My sets were:

10:00 till 11:00
Blood Rave - Blade OST
Destroy all dancefloors - CTRL ALT DEL
Angel of ruin - The Chaos Engine
Dead shall rise - Flesh Eating Foundation
Dead planet - Frontline Assembly
Trip like I do - Filter & The Crystal Method
March of the pig - Nine Inch Nails
Precipice - Rabbit Junk
Don't stop - Inner Party System
Velocity - Neuroticfish
One drug - Audio War
Police State - Birmingham 6
Lamb of God - Psyclone 9
Bunch of Fuckers - Petrol Bastard

12:00 till 1:00
Headhunter V2 - Front 242 (possibly a request, in that it was lined up to play and then someone asked for it)
Nemesis - VNV Nation
I am the rain - Assembly 23
Access & Amplify - Icon of Coil
Starsign - Apoptygma Berzerk
Hardcore Motherfucker - Ultraviolence
Futile Nazi Bastard - Velvet Acid Christ
Angels of the dark - Studio X
Weep for me - Aslan Faction
What I want - Aktivehate
Jesus Christ buried alive - Alien Vampires

The main booth discussions were: , how cold weather buggers up club nights, if digital hardcore counts as industrial (Yes Nick, it does. Get a fucking grip), how to cover up a choke and stay sexy, if cohesive community experiences stopped happening on the alternative scene after 2003 & if that was a good or bad thing, and how utterly off-genre music goes down brilliantly if just the right track is played at just the right time,
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