Sunday, 23 November 2014

We Have A Ghost - We Have A Ghost

"Haunting" isn't a word I use often, mostly because it's been so badly used before, but for this debut album I'm going to roll it out and throw it around with gusto. Ten tracks of slow to mid tempo (mostly) instrumental music that just sits with you, on your shoulder, and plays a series of varied tunes that are both happy, filled with drive and melancholy, filled with slow, purposeful thought (quite often at the same time).

Musically it's a broad church, mixing in trad industrial, triphop/breakbeat, rock, prog, light alterative, and just generally anything that happened to be lying around and that sounded good. And, very importantly, it isn't a mess. It's not 'an eclectic mix' or anything randomly put together, it's a very clear vision of a sound that just happens to have a lot of facets to it. It's got bits that sound like the intermissions on a Nine Inch Nails album, bits that could be 69DaysOfStatic, bits that reminded me of some forgotten 80's mid-west guitar act, and a whole lot that could have come from American Horror Story if they needed a club scene. And it's a debut album from a one-man act (I think, the material on it is rather vague but surprisingly not annoying).  The only thing it doesn't have is a best track, as they all work so well together that I don't want to pick anything out for closer inspection and instead just want you to listen to the whole thing.
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