Monday, 6 October 2014

Pop That Pretty Thirty - Rabbit Junk

After a splendid run of singles the mighty JP Anderson and Sum Grrl, aka Rabbit Junk, are back with an EP of most epic proportions. Hitting you in the face like the most kawaii deathsquad it's another blast of thrashy industrial dance with fat-arse breakdowns, this time spiked with what sounds like the odd touch of EDM (though it could just be they cranked up the treble on this one) and its as bouncy as hell (standard!). Basically imagine Atari Teenage Riot and 90's Frontline Assembly got loved up on molly and then dragged Steve Aoki into the mix. It might not be the best way to describe the sound, but just imagine it for a second.... the look on his face...

Anyway Clock That Pretty Thirty is a thick slab of guitars, keyboards, and static, with Sum Grrl sounding utterly brilliant. It's a slow,driving  grind that doesn't go too far out of Rabbit Junks comfort zone, but it's a hell of a "hello" statement. Precipice follows up and it's got this weird 80's goth majestic quality with the vocals and instrumentation, in amongst the pile-hammer drums and crunching overdrive. Massive guitar riffs, great singing, lots of power without getting too cluttered. IDONTGIVEAFUCK is a high point, and in another world it would be the sound of the summer and promoting everything from softdrinks to cars to generalised world-salvation it's got that amazing a pop vibe to it. It's got a central hook that gets played about with, never hanging around on one thing too long to get boring, and is just explosive and high energy. Kinda like the Stadium Dance thing the KLF used to do, just without the trance elements. Crutch 2014 is a more dancefloor friendly remix of one of their classic tracks, in that its not going to cause a moshpit that might kill the clubs dancefloor. More high-notes, more bounce, same basic song but it just sounds a bit more modern than when it came out 8 years ago and still wins awards for the most ironic scream-along chorus that pissed people love joining in on. Clock That Pretty Killer will be monster live, as it's got a grinding hook that just locks in and a sticky intensity I could listen to all day. Not as dynamic as the rest of the EP but still solid and it's growing on me after every play.

All of this is available on Pay What You Want, so unless you are what's wrong with modern music I would firmly advise you to go and get this collection today. Then put it on your player and blast it away till its a part of your soul, or they do their next album.
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