Sunday, 27 April 2014

O Captein! My Captein! - Romantially Apocalyptic

Romantically Apocalyptic is a rather strange, post-apocalyptic, webcomic that follows the surreal tales of Captain, Snippy, Engie, Pilot and others through a series of utterly unlikely exploits. It's amusing, mixes light-hearted sillyness with death and deverstation,  and lives in enough of a world of it's own for it to make absolutely perfect sense that it's now available in album form.

It's main hook sound is tricky to describe, sitting halfway between trip-hop and acid-groove. It also has some ambient, country, classical, and other bits thrown in. Whilst the sounds are varied and the tones are all over the place you would think it would end up being a mess, but it all works surprisingly well, providing a rich soundscape that acts perfectly as an accompaniment to the comic and as a piece of music in and of itself. It has a vibrancy within it's desolation and sparseness, like if the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band had decided to make the score for a Mad Max film. Personal favorites include Snippy and the Geiger Counter (for its uptempo bouncyness), and Arachnid Discotheque, although there isn't a duff track on the whole thing. It's also totally accessible to people who haven't read the comic, having plenty of injokes and references but nothing that would get in the way of the casual listener enjoying it, and is great 'background' music in the best possible ways. As a shift of an art project from one medium to another it works perfectly, and if they ever get around to making a film we know that the soundtrack will be as spot-on as the art and scripting.
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