Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Brits

No, I'm not going to blog about the Brit Awards 2014. For an event that claims to represent the UK record industry they are highly unrepresentative, focusing purely on Pop/Mainstream acts, and consistently fail to give any regard to hard rock, dance music, or anything else that sells millions but doesn't fit their cookie-cutter view of how Hip British Music will be marketed that year. They get a ton of coverage because they are on the BBC, so are given over due amounts of hype and attention. Occasionally they are exiting but mostly its a gong-party to signpost who's albums should be on your coffee table to make you appear interested in music. They also gave James Corden employment, which is always a bad thing.

UPDATE: BWAHAHAHA, viewing figures are down even after a massive media push. Suck it!
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