Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fuck All Diseases - Various

Fuck All Diseases is two things, both of which are very good.

Firstly it's a collection of mostly instrumental industrial tracks covering a variety of styles including ambient, EBM, noise, chiptune breakcore (which I never knew was 'a thing') and occasionally what I can only describe as "soundtrack". Varied enough to be interesting, but curated well enough for it to all fit together as a single demonstration of some of the interesting things that are happening in the underground. There isn't a duff track among them, which is a feat in itself, and picking out best tracks if a bit of a nightmare. If I was pushed I would have to go with Deep by MelakwaToci by Tzolk'in and Warholic by S.K.E.T., but those are all by a nose and I'm likely to change my mind tomorrow.

Secondly, and possibly more importantly, it's a chance to give a measly seven Euro's towards helping Alexey Protasov (of Ambassador21 and Suicide Inside) cover their medical expenses as they fight throat cancer. (So possibly also a third thing, as it reminds me how wonderful a social medical system is). So please consider buying the album, as it's well worth the coin.
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