Sunday, 13 October 2013

Seance - God Module

Sometimes it's hard to come up with a way to describe a bands music, conveniently God Module offer up "Horror Industrial", "Black Electro", "Murder Wave", "Spooky Dance" and "Devil Music" in the liner notes for their 2011 Seance album. What does that all actually mean? About an hours worth of fairly good up-tempo EBM, a lot of horror movie samples, and lyrics like the utterly unforgettable  "So lets dance like we're dead, with our imaginary friends who have no heads" sung through a distortion pedal with utter conviction that it's all rather serious & spooky. This is atmospheric, heavy, songs about ghostly goings-on and deathy gothicness, all delivered with a set of pile-driver drum lines and some nicely modulating base-tones.

Whilst I preferred some tracks over others ("Afraid of the Light", "Devil's Night", and "MDK" caught my ear more than the other tracks) there were no real weak points and you would get up to dance to any of it if you were in the right mood. However as it is a rather singular vision of music, with minimal variance of style or topic between tracks, so if you dislike one tune you are likely to dislike it all. Personally I've had it in the car for a solid 3 weeks and am still grooving along to it so this is not to say it is bad, just that it is a highly talented one-rather-excellently-performed-trick-pony of an album. This is heavily stylized niche music unashamedly aimed to evoke a specific range of feelings & aesthetics, so you are either going to buy into it & enjoy or find it a little silly & not give it much time (hopefully after giving them a very much deserved try).
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