Saturday, 26 October 2013

I meet the future of music today.

I was talking down Burleigh Street today when I came across these two buskers.
Could they play? Not really
Could they sing? Not that well
Does any of that matter? No, not at all. They were out there, being a much needed reminder that people are still just going for it for the love of music, and for that I salute them. It also helps that if they have the get-up to play on one of the busiest streets in Cambridge then I think its safe to believe they will have the determination to practice their art and become fantastic at it, so one day they may be able to play and sing and to blow me away on more than just the fact they were out in the street giving it a shot. Even if they don't then I just hope they had an excellent time today, because they put a smile on my face a mile wide.
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