Thursday, 4 August 2011

Voidstate - something interesting this way comes

What happens if you take some euro-style power metal, add in a touch of electro & techno experimentation, and then garnish with a singer who shows that a good vocal range doesn't have to mean constant warbling*? Well the answer is Voidstate, and they are rather very good.
Currently three tracks of theirs are available to listen to online and they are all very worth a listen to. Opener "Whole" presents a diverse soundscape, starting with a blend of choral-strings & trance and then throwing in some driving rock guitars and drumbbeats, that is easy on the ears but never dull or drab. "I am" is a more traditional thumper which lets them show off more of the power side of their sound, and "Again" keeps up the tempo but adds in more experimentation with the backing electronics. All through is the blend of beauty and power that avoids this excess of screamy metal without missing out a chance to embolden the listener as you sing along. Think of it as the operatic styling of Nightwish blended in with Enter Shikar's willingness to play with modern influences and you wouldn't be far off, though as it's very much it's own beast you will still get some nice surprises from it.

So invest the 10 minutes needed to listen to all of their tracks and let an exciting (and curiously unsigned) band  enter into your day. I am confident you'll find it worth it.

*Yes Tarja Turunen, I am looking at you.
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