Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Three new finds

First up we have The Detroit Cobras, a covers band who do a mean bit of garage rock with that tang of a modern twist. I'm not normally a fan of an all covers band, unless its doing something outragious like the Gimmie Gimmies, but this has so much style to it and anything that can help bring back that proto-punk rock-and-roll-gone-bad sound is fine in my books.

Following that we have a (possibly leaked) track from the upcoming Steel Panther album. As ever the Panther's continue to produce parodies of 80's glam metal that are so close to the bone that you will never be sure if they stole it off a Motley Crue out-take or not. The first listen will have you laughing along at the outrageous posturing audacity, the second will have you singing along as the urge to join in on the joke gets too big to suppress...

And finally we have Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner finally getting around to releasing a solo album in the form of "The Golden Age of Apocalypse". Yes folks, it's final proof that after conquering the world as the bass with the mighty Suicidal Tendencies the only logical next step is to release a near perfect space-jazz / soul-fusion album.
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